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Diane, Territory Account Manager - Canada

"This role keeps me on my toes. I'm learning and being challenged every day. A passionate group of people! One team, one dream is something my manager ofen says. This is so true. We have unity even though we are all over the world."



Sabrina, Client Services Team Leader, Florida Headquarters

"I started working with World Emblem in 2011. I worked from Order Entry to Client Services and now I'm a Team Leader. I have grown in this company and they have provided me with classes for me to be able to be the best I can be. The team feels like family. I love working here!"


Leira, Production - California Plant

"My experience has been very interesting during these years in the company. World Emblem has given me the opportunity to collaborate and learn many things. I like what I do and I hope to continue having the opportunity to learn more every day."


Sarah, Production - Michigan Plant

"My experience with World Emblem has been amazing thus far, not only do I love the people I work with but I've had the opportunity to learn so many different things. I love coming to work in the morning because I feel I'm making a difference. I look at World Emblem more than a work place as my second family."


Theresa, Client Services Representative - Florida Headquarters

"I have just completed my 5th month at World Emblem and I really like the team spirit of our Client Services Department. Even though I have 20 years of customer service/retail sales experience in the airline uniform industry, this is a new experience for me. There is a lot to learn and I always have questions and everyone in my department is always more than willing to take a moment to provide an answer or an explanation.

Three weeks ago my youngest son was in a bad car accident and I was amazed how kind and caring everyone was from Owners to Management as well as my department and production; I am a very family oriented person so it was at that moment I knew without a doubt that I had made the right decision in choosing World Emblem and I hope the feeling is mutual. Thanks again everyone for being so supportive!!"


Erin, Marketing Director - Florida Headquarters

"I would not be where I am in my career nor have acquired all of the knowledge that I have without World Emblem. I look forward to work because I enjoy the projects and the people that I work with. My days are exciting and chaotic and keep me driven to learn and succeed. Every process of the operations is so vital to the business and everyone plays a key role in the company's success."


Karen, Sales Manager - Florida Headquarters

"Fantastic team full of passion and commitment to the customer!"

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