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Executive Team

Randy Carr, President & CEO

Randy Carr

Start of Employment: 1993
Randy Carr serves as the current President & CEO of World Emblem. His start within the industry began alongside his brother, Jamie Carr, as an apprentice serving at his father, World Emblem founder and apparel industry veteran, Jerold Carr’s right hand. Working in various positions within the family business they were able to build a solid foundation for the challenges their destinies would ultimately bring to them; including inheriting their father’s company after his decease in 2000. After a barrage of adversity as the newly appointed CEO, he was able to grow the company to its current status as the largest producer of emblems in the world. As the leader of the World Emblem team, Randy not only continues to work towards building his company to new heights, but inspires all those who work for him to do the same. 

Jamie Carr, Operating Shareholder

Jamie Carr

Start of Employment: 1993
Jamie's start within the industry began similar to that of his brother Randy. Working in various positions within his father’s company, he solidified his foundation for what would soon be a very rewarding career. Once his father passed away in 2000, taking leadership roles in various areas of the company infrastructure became crucial to maintaining the family business. Managing several departments from Shipping to Screen Printing, he found his contribution to his company was best served within the realm of Sales. With Jamie at the helm, World Emblem went from a one-manned Sales department to that of 8 team members in various territories throughout the United States and Canada. Along with his brother, Jamie continues to strive for newer and better heights, pushing the capabilities of his father's company beyond horizons never previously dreamed of.

Alberto Albarran, General Director of World Emblem de Mexico, S.A. de C.V.

Alberto Albarran 

Start of Employment: 2005
Biography: Alberto Albarran joined the World Emblem team upon the inception of its newest location in Aguascalientes, Mexico in 2005. At the time, World Emblem’s Mexican branch consisted of only 1 employee, Alberto himself. Since 2005, Alberto has been with World Emblem, he has helped to grow this branch to its current size of over 260 total employees. The location itself now produces and ships a majority of the large production orders and samples that World Emblem processes every year and keeps stock of the majority of the company’s inventory. Degrees in Business Administration and Mechanical Engineering as well as his previous experiences as the Operations Director and Commercial Director of a large fuel tracking and efficiency company have helped him grow, what he considers to be, the biggest contributing factor to his success within his current position; his knowledge of people and how to lead them.

Bruce Ostrowsky, Corporate Controller


Start of Employment: 2016
Biography: Bruce joined the World Emblem team as an accounting consultant in 2000. Over the years with hard work and a constant desire to learn, he propelled the eventual growth of his position to the company’s Executive team as the Corporate Controller. His current responsibilities deal with overseeing the general business organization and financial budgets. Bruce is constantly involved in various aspects of World Emblem’s businesses which have helped him maintain a constant line of communication with the CEO as well as help the business achieve its main goals.

Erin Gallagher, Marketing Director

Erin Gallagher

Start of Employment: 2003
After years of marketing in telecommunications, food and beverage as well as the software industry, Erin established and built World Emblem’s marketing strategy and team from the beginning. When Erin began at World Emblem in 2003, there were only 3 locations worldwide. Erin played an integral part in expanding to 8 locations worldwide. With a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Marketing, Erin has focused on increasing leads and expanding the brand. Erin has been credited with managing the development and launch of the first mobile application for IOS and Android devices as well as leading several other e-commerce websites including those for Name Badges International and Stickers International.

Jim Kozel, Vice President of Plant Operations

James Kozel 

Start of Employment: 2012
Biography: Hired firstly as a Plant Manager for World Emblem’s Atlanta location, his extensive experience in both plant management and the industry World Emblem caters to has propelled James to his current title as VP of Plant Operations for the U.S. and Canada. Despite his Six Sigma Black Belt in Lean Manufacturing and his technical training at the Plant Managers Institute, he attests to his 25 years of experience in team leadership as the biggest contributing factor to the successes he has attained throughout his career. It is this factor that helps him motivate his current team to achieve levels of success higher than they ever imagined. As World Emblem’s VP of Operations, he provides for the consistency and predictability of all products to World Emblem customers from every production facility throughout the United States and Canada.

Nicolas Restrepo, Sr. Vice President of Sales

Nicolas Restrepo

Start of Employment: 2004
After graduating with a degree in Marketing and Political Science, Nic excelled in several sales positions in the technology sector before starting with World Emblem in 2004 as a Regional Sales Manager. Nic has been integral in growing the sales team for the Uniform and Reseller markets. His focus on client satisfaction has led World Emblem to create a new group of Territory Account Managers solely responsible for building and growing our current base. He is also heading up the World Emblem expansion into new markets as well as new products.

Idith Moran, Human Resources Director

Start of Employment: 2016
With over 12 years of experience in restructuring and oversight in all personnel administrations, Idith has worked with manufacturing, distribution, construction, and service oriented industries. Idith specializes in employee relations, talent management, staffing, employee benefits and health. She graduated Cum Laude with an Associate Degree in Business Administration and a Bachelor Degree in Management from Johnson & Wales University.  Idith is an active member of the Society for Human Resources Management in her local chapter.


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