FAQs on Ordering from World Emblem






Email additional questions to sales@worldemblem.com.


Can I send my own garments to be embellished? [Top]

Customer supplied garments are always welcome. The packages may be shipped to us directly from the vendor or from your current location. Please include the Client Supplied Garment (CSG) number on the outside of the box along with the CSG form (which includes a barcode) inside of the box. This information will allow us to match your order with your box of garments for production. This number and the form can be obtained when placing your order through the catalog or with Customer Service. Garments may also be purchased from World Emblem.



How do I place an order? [Top]

World Emblem International accepts order using the following methods:

  • Through your on-line catalog at www.WorldEmblem.com. World Emblem supports a full e-commerce solution allowing you to place your orders over the Internet. Our website will reduce your costs significantly by stream lining the ordering process. This helps eliminate costly mistakes, while speeding up the ordering process.  If you are a first time customer, you must fill out the New Customer Account Form and  faxed it to 1-800-880-2073 or email to sales@worldemblem.com. An account must be created before a username and password can be supplied.
  • By phone, dial 1-800-766-0448
  • By fax, dial 1-800-880-2073
  • By email at sales@worldemblem.com


How do I scan and submit an emblem on the Design Request Screen? [Top]

Some points to remember:

  • Scan the embellishment as a JPG, GIF or TIF file.
  • Crop out any unnecessary information.
  • Specify clearly and concisely when describing the emblem.
  • State exactly what you want, even if it looks obvious.
  • Don't sketch or write on the image to explain things. These marks have to be removed by the art department. It creates more work and may create smudges.
  • Reference thread, fabric, Perfect Print and Digital Print colors using the Color Chart.

In what format should my artwork be submitted? [Top]

Because of the many variations of electronic design generations, World Emblem prefers to work with camera ready art and will attempt to work with all digital design formats. World Emblems does prefer to use AI, CDR, BMP, JPG, GIF, TIF and PDF. Please keep in mind that the design can only be as good as the artwork that is provided. Ad copy must be typed. World Emblem will not be responsible for spelling mistakes.



Is there a charge to rush an order? [Top]

A 40% upcharge will be applied on all rush orders.



What is the difference between a REMAKE and an EDIT? [Top]

An Edit is a permanent change to a design by the client that changes the features, but uses the same design number. There usually is a charge associated with the change.  A Remake is a error on the part of World Emblem. World Emblem will fix the issue with the design at no charge to the client.



What is the process for ordering Embroidery or Embroidered Emblems? [Top]

Follow these steps for ordering embroidery:
  1. The customer contacts a Customer Service Representative and requests for an embroidered embellishment from a sketch (or business card).
  2. The Rep scans the sketch as a JPEG file.
  3. The Rep submits a design request for an Electronic Simulation of the logo. (Computer generated image of what the design may look like. This step is optional. Clients can go directly to a physical sample if selected.)
  4. WEI creates the Electronic Simulation and emails it to the client.
  5. If the customer wants to make changes, the Rep will submit the changes.
  6. When the customer is satisfied, the Rep will request to have the logo digitized (Converted).
  7. WEI digitizes the logo, which means the files that are fed into the embroidery machines are created.
  8. A photo of the physical sample is taken and posted on the website. The customer can also request a physical sample to be sent.
  9. WEI awaits approval or changes from the customer. If the customer wants a change that requires an alteration to the stitching, it is an edit.
  10. Once the emblem has been approved, production begins.


What is the process for ordering Perfect Print Emblems? [Top]

Follow these steps for ordering Perfect Print Emblems:

  1. A customer asks a Customer Service Representative to create a sublimated emblem from a sketch (or business card).
  2. The Rep scans the sketch.
  3. The Rep submits a design request for an Electronic Simulation of the logo. (This step is optional. The client can request a physical sample.)
  4. WEI creates the Electronic Simulation and posts it on the web.
  5. The customer views the Electronic Simulation and submits a change (edit) if needed.
  6. Once the image is approved by the customer, the simulation is converted to an emblem.
  7. In the 'Convert' process, WEI creates the file that can be used to create the emblems.
  8. The plant can use this file to print emblems, using the Sublimation Printer and a Heat Press.


What is your pricing policy? [Top]

As part of the World Emblem Customer Service Policy, we design a unique style number and our pre-pricing system guarantees that you are not presented with any 'hidden extras' or price increases. A complete price list with set-up and production costs is available from Customer Service at 1-800-766-0448.



Will sales tax be added to my order? [Top]

Only customers within Florida, Georgia, Michigan, California and Illinois have taxes added to their orders since World Emblem has locations in all of these states. If your company is tax exempt, please inform Customer Service when placing your order and you will not be charged for tax. You will need to present a Resale Tax Certificate.


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